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Gujarat,  India

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Our Solutions
We provide effective waste management solutions for Industries, Companies, Residential Colonies, Hotels, School and College Campuses, etc. in terms of:

  • Rapid onsite analysis
  • ETP / STP commissioning
  • Start-up and shock load restart
  • Process Monitoring and Control
  • Treatability Studies of complex wastes
  • Identification of best feedstock mixtures
  • Optimizing microbial fermentation process for BOD reduction
  • Optimize biogas outputs using monitoring and process control

Our  Specialties

  • Waste and water Audit 
  • Sludge processes and composting processes
  • Final effluent disposal, consents and compliance.

Our services includes consulting on:

  • Scoping and Feasibility of waste management
  • Advice on scale & technology selection / Treatment ways
  • Effluent Stream / Feedstock selection for Anaerobic Digestion